500 Words Press Release Writing Services


Press release writing services are meant to take newsworthy moments in a business’s history, and broadcast them to the rest of the world in a succinct, informative and fluff-less tone. With a length of no longer than 500 words, these press releases condense any event, upcoming or bygone, and calls attention to your business in a positive way.

  • Informative and fluff-free.
  • Making even the mundane newsworthy.
  • High-quality writing.

Entirely original and SEO-friendly.


Press releases put your business on the map for local media outlets, and can boost your ranking on search engines, all through the succinct and direct reporting of an upcoming or ongoing special event, promotion, occasion or announcement. This writing service keeps any event or occasion at roughly/under 500 words, and includes a section dedicated to company information for press purposes.

  • Informative and fluff-free. Press releases aren’t like articles or blog entries – they’re written to be to-the-point and shared for their content density.
  • Making even the mundane newsworthy. Your company may not always have anything new to report, but a press release is always beneficial. Any event or occasion can be newsworthy with the right writing.
  • High-quality writing. All content is proof-read, and written according to AP Style guidelines and in a professional, third-person tone.
  • Entirely original and SEO-friendly. Press releases can help boost your SERP, but only if they’re checked for originality and other ranking factors.

Press releases are guaranteed to be original – no spinning of other news releases – and written according to the official Associated Press guidelines.