What is the Anatomy of a Perfect Email?

Emails should be so very, very simple. After all, we’ve been sending mail to each other for hundreds of years. Mail, in its most ancient form, dates back to before the days of castles and cannons. Mail is old, and the etiquette that surrounds it has never really changed.

Yet despite that, it’s very rare to see someone communicate effectively through email. It’s even rarer, from a marketing perspective, to come across a quality optimized marketing email.

Unless it’s the product of massive marketing machines in corporations and companies like Twitter, Instagram, Nintendo or Sony, too many businesses are simply ineffective with their email strategies – not just because their list-building fails, or because they’re not targeting effectively, or because they’re sending out too many emails at the wrong time – no, we’re talking about the fundamentals.

We’re talking about the anatomy of the perfect, quality email.

Is the perfect anatomy achievable?

Like anything prefaced with the word “perfect”, the prefect email is an ideal – it’s not something you’re meant to achieve. However, it’s something you’re meant to strive for by constantly tweaking your email in ways that adopts factors customers want in their email. Now, what does that mean? Well, let’s take a look at a few things an email should aim to achieve with its composition:

Readability – an email needs to be written and visually composed in a manner that makes it so easy to read, that there is absolutely no question what the email is trying to achieve.

In lieu of that, there should be no confusion as to what an email is meant to do. If you’re writing a newsletter to compile all the best content you’ve put out in the past week, then do that. Focus on the content. Don’t use the email to slip in a line about your latest best product, or anything unrelated. Focus on the focus – you don’t have much time or space for anything else.

Your readability should also take into account that your email immediately identifies who it’s from. The subject line should do a good job of giving readers and idea of what they’ll be opening, and the header should be designed with a large, minimalistic logo and header – not so large that your readers have to do significant amounts of scrolling to get to their content, of course.

Brevity – it’s simple: the more content you have, the more you’re going to tire a reader out. You don’t want to create an email that bores the reader, or moves onto topics other than what the email is meant to achieve. Notification mails should be extremely short and to the point. Newsletter emails are longer, but aren’t there to advertise products. Product release emails, on the other hand, are totally there to help you glorify your new product – but these should be extremely limited in production.

Then you have other promotional mail, like discount announcements and more. Keep it short. Keep it to the point.

Benefit – no email should be written without prioritizing the fact that, at the end of the day, your customer actually gets something out of this little piece of content. Whatever it is – be it a discount, a promo, new information – it needs to be something, and it needs to be worth exponentially more than the time spend reading the email

Beauty – the final point is design. Design matters, and it matters a lot.

For one, design is a technical benefit. Designing your emails with the right coloration in mind can boost sales and brand awareness. Designing your writing in a beneficial manner – think adding colorful phrases and call to action questions within the appropriate context – will boost sales. Good design, and pretty images, will boost click-through rates.

In Closing

If anything, the anatomy of a good email can be narrowed down to a few basic, powerful tenets.

  • Utilize text sparingly. Use a lot of images.
  • Keep your email’s focus clear, and tight.
  • Be mindful of how you word your writing and subject line.
  • Don’t try to aggressively sell all the time. Take your time to build the sales funnel properly – that’s also part of the sale.

As long as you follow these and work with a service like WebDesign Cebu, you’ll have no problem making the most out of the Internet’s biggest, and oldest form of communication.